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Yupei International Holding Co., Ltd. Successfully Held 2018 Semi-Annual Working Conference, as China Logistics Property Holdings Achieved Remarkable Results


On July 27th, 2018, Yupei International Holding Co., Ltd. held the “2018 Semi-Annual Working Conference” at Hongqiao headquarter. Mr. Li Shifa, Chairman of Yupei International Holdings, attended and delivered important speech. Mr. Pan Naiyue, executive director and CEO of China Logistics Property Holdings made the semi-annual work report on behalf of the management. While summarizing the achievements of the first half of the year, he made key  plans and arrangements for the second half of the year. 


Mr. Pan Naiyue said, under the joint efforts of all staff, in the first half of 2018, the company's operation and management work operation of the company and management were orderly organized and steadied progressed according to the annual plan, and the semi-annual target has been basically achieved. In the meantime, the company made significant breakthrough in enriching financing channels and optimizing business model, laying a solid foundation to complete the annual business targets and speed up the implementation of the company's new strategy. 

The main achievements are as follows: 1. The capitalization operation goes hand in hand with the industrialization operation, and the strategic financing has made a significant breakthrough; 2. The land reservation work has been continuously progressed and the national strategic distribution has been continuously expanded. 3. Seize market opportunities, actively explore new customer resources, and effectively improve market investment performance; 4. The level of specialization of project planning and project management is continuously improved, with which the competitiveness is further strengthened; 5. The comprehensive management level has been raised, internal management perfected and management efficiency improved. 


Mr. Pan said that in the second half of 2018, we will firmly focus on the strategic goals of the company, seize opportunities and pursue development, work hard and make progress, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in all aspects of our work. 

In the second half of the year, the company will focus on the following aspects: 1. Promote the implementation of logistics real estate development fund, gradually transform the company's development model, and drive the company to achieve a higher level of development; 2. Speed up the exploration of financing channels, reduce financing costs, and improve the overall operation of funds; 3. Improve land acquisition ability, enhance effective communication with the government and institutions, and strive to achieve the annual land acquisition target; 4. Further boost the ability of market investment and business development, actively explore new customer resources, and strive to achieve the annual investment attracting target; 5. Strengthen the professional level of project development and management, and urge the project to start and deliver in time; 6. Optimize the property management level, actively explore new method of service, and build a high-quality service brand; 7. Further strengthen corporate culture construction, optimize human resource strategic planning, and provide sufficient talent reserve for the implementation of the group's overall development strategy. 


After the work report, Mr. Li Shifa, chairman of Yupei International Holdings and chairman & president of China Logistics Property Holdings, delivered an important speech. 

Chairman Li Shifa pointed out that in the 18 years since its establishment, Yupei has adhered to the right way of enterprise and development, and always insisted on the entrepreneurial of creating platforms for employees, creating value for customers and creating wealth for the society. 

Chairman Li Shifa said in the first half of the year, all the staff were closely around the company's overall strategy, directly facing challenge, bravely exploring and forging ahead, and achieved good results. Corporate governance structure is gradually perfected, team ability is continuously enhanced, internal control management level stepped to a higher level and continued to maintain a good development momentum as a whole. 

Meanwhile, Chairman Li Shifa put forward the requirements for the second half of the year. 1. Further improve and strengthen the logistics real estate business; 2. Strengthen the construction of internal control system, improve the management system and standardize the operation system of collectivization; 3. Strengthen the construction of talent team to support the rapid development of the company; 4 Propagate enterprise culture and enhance enterprise comprehensive competitiveness.  


A total of more than 120 employees from China Logistics Property Holdings attended the meeting.