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“Yupei Cohesive Force” Enterprise Culture Upgrading Launch Meeting successfully convened


On the morning of July 27th, 2018, the management team and employee representatives of China Logistics Property Holdings attended the enterprise culture upgrading launch meeting with "Yupei Cohesive Force" as the theme, held in the headquarter of Yupei International Holding Company in Shanghai Hongqiao. Mr. Li Shifa, Chairman of Yupei International Holdings, chairman and chief executive of China Logistics Property Holdings attended the meeting and made detailed interpretation to the enterprise culture upgrading.

Mr. Li pointed out that after 18 years of development, Yupei had developed into a large-scaled enterprise group with industry influence. Over the past 18 years, the hardworking style and down-to-earth entrepreneurship of Yupei people had gradually accumulated and finally formed the unique Yupei culture and created the soul of Yupei with infinite charm. This is precious spiritual wealth that eventful years have left to Yupei, and it was also the internal motivation to promote the development and growth of Yupei.

Mr. Li Shifa pointed out that corporate culture played an important role in the development of enterprises, it wa formed in the development process of enterprises and affects and pushes forward the development of enterprises. Fourth-class enterprises rely on resources, third-class enterprises rely on products, second-class enterprises rely on strategy, while first-class enterprises rely on culture. Excellent corporate culture is the source and driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises and the important cornerstone for the construction of a "Hundred Year Enterprise ". Based on the requirements on of corporate culture from the company development strategy, Yupei had deeply thought about and systematized the culture of the company, and formed a new culture system that leads the new era and conforms to the new trend, including the six elements of enterprise vision, enterprise mission, core values, business philosophy, talent concept and code of conduct.

Enterprise vision

Creating a World-class Investment Management Platform

Becoming a Respectable Century Enterprise

Corporate mission

Progressing with development, sharing for growth

Sustainable innovation, benefitting the world

Core Value

Pattern, vision, and acuity

Execute, trust, and collaboration

Integrity, pragmatism, and dedication

Innovation, learning, and sharing

Business philosophy

Sincerity service, steady operation, customer first and win-win cooperation

Talent concept

People oriented, integrity priority, equal stress on integrity and ability and mutual development

Code of conduct

Ceaseless Self-improvement, efficient implementation, striving for innovation, pursuit of excellence

Mr. Li stressed that the construction of enterprise culture required the joint efforts of all the staff throughout the company so that the cultural essence can be “solidly established and yield positive results” instead of unilateral wishful thinking or the responsibility of a certain department or a certain group of people. Today, the new culture of Yupei had been officially released, and there was still much work to be done in terms of promotion, implementation, integration and deep cultivation. First of all, the management team of the company should take the lead and actively learn new Yupei culture concept, carefully thinking and understanding the quintessence of culture, they should not only interpret the enterprise culture, but also clearly and deeply explain the enterprise culture, encourage and guide employees to actively participate in enterprise culture activities, and form good atmosphere to promote corporate culture. Secondly, the middle-level cadres and key employees of the company should deeply understand the essence of corporate culture, be good communicators and practitioners of corporate culture, take the lead in work and life and follow the example of others, use their personal words and deeds with positive energy to influence and drive the junior staff around them, and strive to build a passionate working team.

Finally, he pointed out that corporate culture construction was a systematic project, which requires the joint participation and concerted efforts of all employees, so as to bring corporate culture construction to a new level and finally realize the common development of enterprises and employees.

After Chairman Li Shifa’s speech, Zhan Yubin, the employee representative of China Logistics Property Holdings and assistant director of engineering management department, expounded his understanding of the company's corporate culture.

During the four and a half years in Yupei, he and the company had grown up and made progress together. The company had built a broad career platform for employees and provided them with opportunities for training and promotion. Taking the enterprise mission of "development and progress" as an example, he enumerated  the growth and change of his personal gains under the influence of corporate culture.